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Guiding Local and Small Businesses Every Step of the Way

Are you fully aware of the position and responsibilities of your small or local business? As a small or local business it is very easy to get lost in the continuous struggle to maintain awareness of your environment while still trying to meet all the responsibilities under the limitation of resources. The common occurrence in small businesses as they are trying to scale is that, the people responsible for its operations have to wear many hats since they cannot afford to engage full specialized departments. However, the actions taken at this stage of the business determine whether the business will successfully scale or remain at the same level.

At Anderson & Quinn, our attorneys are fully committed to providing in-house counsel to small and local business on demand. We understand that every business has its unique way of operating and desired goals. With close to eight decades of practice, we are fully equipped to address unique challenges that each business faces and to develop custom solutions for each hurdle. Over the years, we have worked with countless small and local businesses across our three areas of operation; MD, VA and DC, offering custom-tailored solutions targeting their potential growth areas.

Right from the start of the business, our dedicated team – conveniently located in Rockville MD, works with clients to guide them through the formation process, setting up, reorganization as well as ongoing management of the business. This includes;

– Preparation of articles of incorporation or reorganization
– Operating agreements
– Leases
– Contracts
– Website content
– Real estate agreements
– Construction disputes
– Workers compensation etc.

Our clients are typically referred by staff acquaintances after which we quickly sit down with the owners, partners and the administrators to establish a common plan and to set the roadmap. Our extensive experience with business liability and property lien issues enables us to have a very efficient and proactive approach in our engagement with the client. We are proactive in guiding businesses to avoid common pitfalls.

With our hands on approach and attention to details, we ensure that we offer direct, straight up advice to our clients. Additionally, as a mid-size firm, our overhead is significantly low which allows us to offer very affordable and cost effective rates to the benefit of small businesses. Contact us today to set the right foundation for your business to grow.