A Reliable Confidant for Individuals

Do you have a trusted law partner that you can rely on for expert legal advice or aggressive court representation? At a time when the world is more aware of their rights, and as the lines between these rights become ever vague, it is common that individuals may find themselves in need of legal advice or representation. Anderson & Quinn has set itself apart as a trusted partner for many individuals in small legal issues. We have consistently provided expert legal advice to individuals through a myriad of personal circumstances and helped to avoid litigation, and when that is unavoidable, we have been there to consistently and aggressively represent clients with diligence and excellence.

From our 80+ years of experience in law practice, our attorneys and staff have amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise with regards to estates, motor vehicle situations, small claims as well as many other personal circumstances. Most of these clients are generally contacts of Anderson & Quinn staff, and in each case, our team works to deliver personalized, custom advice that is most efficient and effective.

At Anderson & Quinn, we approach each engagement with an initial aim of avoiding litigation. From experience, litigation may end up costing more and resulting in a resolution that does not completely address the matter at hand. As such, our attorneys start by evaluating cost effective and efficient ways of potentially avoiding litigation. In addition, we have distinguished ourselves as being honest and straight forward. We appreciate that most clients have set resolutions and desired outcomes. However, we are realistic in giving the client the best possible advice and not necessarily what they expect to hear.

Our attorneys are conveniently located in Rockville MD which enables us to effectively serve individuals from Maryland, Virginia and DC where we are permitted to practice. This also allows us to be close to our clients and thus offering more personalized service. We are available to provide personalized service for the best value. This is because, as a mid-size firm, our overhead is significantly low which allows us to offer cost effective and affordable rates in the market.

Get in touch with us today and benefit from eight decades of expertise that aims at achieving your best interests.