Nurturing Healthy Relationships with Healthcare Institutions

The current environment in the healthcare sector is very dynamic and heavily regulated. New laws and guidelines are being implemented each day at both the federal and state levels. As such, healthcare providers need to maintain their focus on the main agenda of providing health services and not be distracted by frequent changes in regulations.

Our Solution

At Anderson & Quinn, we work with healthcare facilities such as hospitals, medical practices and nursing homes to help them navigate through the intricacies of government regulations. We have perfected the skills and expertise to ensure that we deliver the best value for our clients.

In the healthcare sector, efficiency a challenge when resolving payer disputes. The current situation is that the providers of healthcare services are under pressure to do more with less. In most cases, this results in many complexities such as influx of denials, unpaid accounts among other issues. From our expertise in dealing with healthcare providers over the years, we can successfully handle denied claims as well as manage clients work overflow. Our deep understanding of the denials management process and payer relations is of unmatched value to clients.

Our experienced attorneys and team of qualified staff provide research analysis, representation, advocacy and other forms of guidance to ensure prompt payment and efficiency of operations.

Why Are We The Best?

In addition to our extensive experience with many healthcare providers, our dedicated attorneys and team of staff are fully committed to delivering quality service. We have a reputation for integrity and flexibility with the highest Martindale Hubbell AV rating. We are honest and straightforward in all our dealings and our experts are keen on using a hands on approach and taking personal responsibility for every detail in every engagement. In the rare case that our experts cannot handle an issue, we will gladly help you find someone else.

We have successfully established ourselves as reliable partners to healthcare providers helping them solve problems so that they can focus on their key agenda – patient care.